Nibbles Manor – Home of my little Furries

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I’ve sort of mentioned my bunnies on this website before. I few notes, here and there in article posts, but have not properly introduction them to you all. If you know me personally, you’ve seen them on my personal Instagram account, actually met them in person, or even see them on their own Instagram account. Yes, I’m one of those pet owners who created an Instagram account for them. It didn’t start off as their own Instagram account, but ended up that way…at least for now.

I have two (2) adorable Netherland Dwarf bunny rabbits. The oldest is a female at 3 years old, name Lilian. The other is a male at 2 years old, name Leonardo. Go show them so love by visiting their Instagram page to learn more about them, like their pictures and videos, and follow them as well.

Yahoo Gaming Boosting Site

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There’s probably one (1) or two (2) people in my life that knew I was into “Yahoo Game Boosters”. What?! Yup, many years ago, when I was a “kid” I got in taking “rares”, cracker apps, booster apps, anything to help with my gaming score or screw around with others. Such a rebel. Hahaha!

I’m not sure how I got thinking about it, but I was wondering if the booster sites I was once involved in, still existed. I did a Google search, and as I suspected, none of the sites seems to be active anymore. But even though they aren’t, I thought I’d share with you all what the “elite” sites were. Got to love the names in some of them. Haha!

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Using a GoPro Hero as a Dash Cam

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Let me start by saying… I understand there are some who absolutely hate the idea of using a GoPro as a Dash cam. I know there are great Dash Cams for an “inexpensive” cost. Here’s my thing. I’m not going out of and buying a GoPro just to use as a Dash Cam, I already have one. I may not use it as often as I once did, but I still use it every now and then. There are times I’ll take it with me and use when doing certain activities so selling it and using that money to buy an actual Dash Cam is out of the question.

The GoPro will do just what I need. It’ll take excellent quality footage. It’s light and compact so I don’t have to worry about it distracting me while I’m driving. Yes, I’d have to manually turn it on/off, but that’s NOT a big deal for me. I don’t need it to have GPS tracking. Maybe, having a Time Stamp option for video is the only function I wish the GoPro did offer, but it’s not a deal breaker for me. I don’t have to worry about the battery draining because I’ll leave it plugged into power.

    Items Used:
  • GoPro Hero 3 – Black Edition
  • Frame Case
  • Flat Adhesive Camera Mount
  • Long Mini USB to USB
  • Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter

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HydroFlask Key Chain Carabiner Clip Handle

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I recently changed on my 18oz wide mouth Hydroflask the flat cap it originally came with to the flip cap. After doing that, I realized how much I missed having to carry the flask by a handle. I know there are many handle types out that are made HydroFlasks, but I just wanted mine to have 2 simple requirements…

  • Simple! No busy eye design
  • Minimalistic and Slim! Nothing that will make it look and feel bulky

Personally, I’m not a fan of paracord flask handles. Yes, I’ve made some in the past for friends, but I personally don’t like to use it on my HydroFlask. I have my reason and that’s all I’m going to say about that before moving on…haha! (I can feel the haters coming on) 😛

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Selling some old Skate gear

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For you skate junkies out there. If you’re looking for some skate gear that are used but still in great condition, I may have some that you may be interested in. You can view all these items on Craigslist. If located in the Honolulu area, I can meet up with you at Ala Moana Shopping Center.

I don’t NEED to get rid of them, but if sold, I could really use the money for other things. I haven’t been doing much "hard core" skateboarding as of late and so I’d love to pass these down to someone who will make good use of them. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment below or shoot me an email, here.